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January 2nd, 2013

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Endtimes percussion troupe

March 19th, 2012

Ain’t your average marchin’ band

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April 20th, 2010


As some of you fine young folks (the best) might know we recently did a full band translation of what is slowly, but most assuredly, becoming known as “HOYOTOHO” at the Cavern this past Wednesday.  That is Ho-Yo-To-Ho…I didnt stutter…nor did I insult you in some pseudo-slang mandran tongue.  For some odd reason people have the tendency to press their hands together in a prayer like fashion and bow as if honoring a formidable foe before trying to avenge their father with a long past-ed down form of kung fu when they struggle to say HOYOTOHO for the first time.  It’s almost always strange and never not funny.  (Hoyeeohtowyoow?)  And to mention, people are generally befuddled when they see our ‘band’ for the first time…”whoa, I didnt know you guys were a band…I thought you guys just dj’d!”  Folks, the simple fact of the matter is we do, and have, and are a myriad of different things…amongst those things we are a band with dj capabilities.  So since we so much pride ourselves with being enigmatic I devised a plan to eliminate any future confusion from the equation.  It is quite subtle, but it should delineate the band form of HOYOTOHO from the DJ  interpretation of HOYO//TOHO.  Did you catch it?  If not just look at these pictures and continue to be confused.


FOTOS by  Andrew Shephard @ andrewryanshephard.com

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